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About us


José Luis Lodos Ferreiro was born in Lugo, in a village called Baltar, in the council of Pastoriza. He started his journey into business over 30 years ago. At the time, the council was starting its agricultural and livestock take off. José Luis saw that as a great business opportunity. He began to buy agricultural machinery in Holland, France, Germany... to sell it to farmers here afterwards. In return, he would acquire the old machinery from these farmers to recuperate and prepare them to be sold in other countries where they would still be considered useful, like for example Paraguay. That is something he is still doing nowadays. With time, he realized that this way of doing business was not temporary, but if it was made good use of it could become a good way to earn a living. It gradually developed until “José Luis do Ferreiro” became a reference between the cattle farmers of the whole Terra Chá region as well as the entire province of Lugo when the time comes to buy second-hand agricultural machinery.

Even though it is correct that his main business activity is trading all kinds of used agricultural machinery, he also dedicates his time to some other activities. As the saying goes “a thing will stand better with various supporting points than just with one”. That is why, even at the beginning José Luis devoted himself to import cattle from France and Germany to provide for the growing demand in the emerging farms. He also hired a team of mechanics to repair the machines in order to offer them in good condition. Finally, he renovated and converted into stunning rural cottages his maternal inheritance so as to provide accomodation for the tourists visiting the area who want to enjoy the special atmosphere surrounding a galician village.

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